Tuya Smart Curtain Motor

Does anyone have any experience with this WiFi Curtain Motor?

Can it be integrated into HE?

The WiFi models are supported by this integration: [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support)

If you are about to purchase the curtain motor now, you can consider buying the Zigbee models - for example this, that can be connected and controlled locally by HE using a community driver.


Thanks for the link. This Zigbee solution looks overkill for my needs. It's also double the price of the wifi version.

Do you recommend any other Curtain motors with Zigbee at a more reasonable price?
Will I miss something if I'll go with the wifi version and integrate it with the driver?

You will miss the ability to control your curtains when your internet isn't working or there are issues with the cloud service. There will probably also be a bit more of a delay to respond to commands going through a cloud service.


I agree with @Vyrolan. Relying on a cloud based device is bad. Anything can happen with their cloud servers. Not to mention the amount of data they're collecting. For speed and security keep things local. Sure it's a bit pricy but doing things right vs cheap often are. Zigbee is also going to be more responsive.


Understood. Thank you both!