I bought a Tuya zigbee LED strip controller with RGB+WW strip. The strip comes with alternating white (WW) LEDs and RGB It was discovered by HE instantly and I changed device to Generic Zigbee RGBW controller. However, I am not able to control the white LEDs on the strip. The moment I set a color In HE, the RGB LEDs come on and white LEDs turn off. After that, it’s impossible to turn on the WW LEDs from HE. A hard button on the control itself can be used to toggle between white LEDs and various colors on RGB.

I tried adding the controller to my Hue hub which also instantly recognized it. The problem using it as a Hue device on HE creates the opposite problem. It only turns on the WW LEDs and any color changes I try only change the brightness of the white LEDs.

I searched the community but couldn’t find this scenario. I would appreciate any guidance.

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