Tuya devices

I've got a bunch of two tuya devices then I'm looking to integrate in habitat how do I go about doing that? Like for example I've got plugs I just picked up a robotic mop / vacuum in a few light bulbs still laying around

Are they wifi or zigbee?

Wi-Fi devices

There is very limited support for WiFi Tuya devices. Basically, either it works with [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support) or you’ll need to use virtual switches with Google Home, Alexa, or Apple depending on the devices capabilities.

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I tried to tuya cloud but was never able to successfully set it up.

Is there a way to integrate my robot mop by tuya?

If the options given above by JB10 don't work for you, then no.

In general, wifi devices are not supported by Hubitat.

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Not directly. Do you have the mop integrated into Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Home? If so, you could send virtual switches from Hubitat to one of the platforms. From there, setup a routine that when the virtual switch turns on, it turns on the mop. You can then set up the opposite (switch turns off, turn off mop). This would allow control from Hubitat assuming the connection is stable between Hubitat and your platform of choice.

As for the plugs and light bulbs, the cloud driver should work for them.

Now that I've got it set up in hubitat how do I schedule the robot vacuum / mop and how do I set up a map like a virtual room. All it does is turn on and turn off is there anything else I can do with the robot mop/vacuum?

So, a lot of this is going to be based on what functions are available in Google or Alexa (depending on which you used to integrate into Hubitat). To have the vacuum/mop turn on and at a certain time, you can just use Basic Rules. Trigger is your time of day and Action is turn on the virtual switch. When Hubitat turns on the virtual switch, this should trigger the routine to turn on the vacuum. Confirm that your basic on/off virtual switch works first.

Assuming that it does, the next request is going to be very dependent on your other systems' capabilities. For most robot vacuums, the maps are created in their app. Is this the case with your system? If so, are you able to use Google or Alexa to tell your vacuum which map or room to go to? If so, then you just need to create a virtual switch for each room and setup routines like you did with the on/off switch.

What you need to remember is that the vast majority of Tuya/Smart Life WiFi stuff does not integrate very well with Hubitat, and frankly, other local control systems. This is intentional, which is why if the device does not work with the cloud drive posted above, you need to use a system in the middle to help control it.

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