Tuya 4 Gang 12 Scene

Hi there,

I have acquired a coupe of Tuya 4 Gang Switches and each button has three usable functions (push, double-tap and hold) leading to 12 programmable outcomes per switch.

HE correctly identifies them as Tuya Zigby Scene Switches (TS0044) , but the options are exposed as push, double-tap and release (the last one being a little counterintuitive and requiring a 5 second press and release in case anybody else has the same issue looking for hold)

That I would like some assistance with is two things please;

  1. How to decrease the hold timeout - five seconds to trigger a "release" seems a bit excessing and I can't see where to edit this driver.

  2. Advice on how to group the functionality in one app - I can program each button as a freestanding App and that works fine, but it seems inelegant and when trying to group them using multiple triggers under the latest Rule Machine then there is no button object to select under the actions to initiate related task aligned to one of the 12 potential triggers.

Any pointers on the above please?


@kkossev - I saw your related post after posting the above and tried your TS004F driver. No ability to detect it immediately on reset because the native drivers seems to take precedence, but I did switch to your diver afterwards. I can not see your 'held' function as well, but same problem with the long timeout - is this by design or can I tweak the parameter?

The long held time comes from the device firmware, it does not depend on the driver used.
Your device is TS0044, so you can continue to use the HE inbuilt driver.

On the 'hold' vs 'release' events - now I think that 'release' is more correct, because the event is actually sent at the time when the button is released (after being held for more than 3..5 seconds).
A true 'held' event must be sent from the device before the button is released. This is how Philips dimmers and Osram Lightify switches work, and they are very effective for RampUp / RampDown level control. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Tuya scene switches.

Thank you for explaining.

You can tell when you've held long enough as the indicator light goes out.