Tutorial for Centralite 3400 Keypad?

Is there a tutorial on setting up Centralite 3400 keypad to Arm/Disarm the HSM? For example, what do certain buttons mean within the Device Section (eg. “Entry”, “Both”)?

There are three buttons at the top of the actual device: one shows a person standing, the second shows a person running, and the third shows the moon — do they have assigned settings or can I customize them? For example, can I make the first one Disarm, the second Arm, and the third Night Mode? There’s also an A Button and a B Buttom on the bottom row — what are these for and can they be customizable too?

Lastly, and probably most fundamentally, How does one input their code — do I enter my code and then the Arm/Disarm Button, or vice versa (Arm/Disarm Button and then my code)?

Apologies for the super-basic questions, but I’m not finding the user experience to be very intuitive and rather clunky. Any insights would be most appreciated.


The guy standing is for armed stay. The running man is for armed away. The other would be for armed night but didn’t seem to work right. There is an error produced in the logs when trying to use that one. Hit one of those first then your code to arm for that mode. To disarm just type in your code. You will need to setup your code I. The device details first. I’m not sure what the A and B are for. Haven’t had the chance to play around with those yet.


Here's a little layout for the buttons.


You can set the code in the device page.

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Thanks so much!

Is it beep volume changing for you? I've tried to hold both 2 or 5 but seems that there isn't any change..