Turnoff alexa light

Is there a way, I can turn off an Alexa light switch if there is no motion detected? I know this was possible in the past, where I used 'echo speaks' to send command such as 'turn off all lights', bit now with echo speaks gone, is there some way still possible to turn Alexa lights on and off?

P. s. - I know echo speaks can be made to run locally via Arduino etc.. but I don't want to buy additional stuff and make wars with wife just to turn some lights on and off

Alexa routines can be triggered by motion sensors.

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Or a contact sensor

I use this driver. [RELEASE] Virtual Switch Universal Device Type (uDTH) - good for Alexa, IFTTT, HSM, and other integrations

Since contacts switches are a pain to open and close (custom command) with this driver you can turn on and off like a switch while Alexa can see a contact or motion sensor. Also has auto off/close in the driver so you don’t have to flip it back.