Turning the Basic Z-Wave Tool Into an App?

I'm grateful for having the Basiz Z-Wave Tool available for setting parameters, but I do find it a bit clunky with having to switch drivers back and forth. I think it would be much more convenient to have the tool as an app, where we can select a device to target, and then send/check parameters from there. Also Group Associations, while we're at it :slight_smile:

@mike.maxwell, I know you said you would make the tool into an app one day. Did you ever get around to making a start on that?

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Uhm....it doesn't work that way. Drivers talk to devices and apps talk to drivers. So, you wouldn't be able to do this from an app.

The only way you could do this from an app is if every single Z-wave device's driver was modified to include the entire content of the Basic z-wave tool driver in it as well.

When an app executes a command, it is the driver that is performing the communication with the device...not the app. That's how you're able to control devices of many different technologies from within a single app.

If that's the case, and the majority of Z-Wave device drivers don't have the built-in ability to accept parameter configuration commands, then I think the Hubitat devs should really try to find another way to build that functionality in for all devices. I would think that configurable options are a very important part of most Z-Wave devices, and many devices need at least one or two options tweeked out of the box.