Turned off logging on two bulbs but

I'm still seeing this in the logs:

2020-11-08 05_29_22-Past Logs

Device settings:

Why would that be logging still?

You would need to ask the author of the driver, this isn't a Hubitat driver.


I think the longer answer is that those are "descriptionText" logs, not "debug" logs. Since the author only gave an option to turn "debug" logs on/off, the "descriptionText" logs always show up.

But as it is a user driver you could easily modify it yourself, and just comment out any log lines.


Mike I changed back to the Hubitat driver and now I remember why I was using the Inovelli one. I have 2 of their bulbs in my hallway on a rule that turns them on and off based on motion. When using the Inovelli driver the blubs work 99% of the time. On the Hubitat driver one or the other will fail to turn off about 20% of the time. So I guess I'll switch back to their driver for now but I wanted you to be aware. Thanks.

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