Turn Samsung and LG TV's off

Not sure who leaves the TVs on more, my kids or my wife, but none of them ever seem to turn the TV's off. They end up wasting significant power.

So, I'd love to just use a motion sensor in the room to turn the TV's off if no one is there. Certainly, i could plug the Tv's into a controlled outlet, but that ends up being pretty clunky. Instead, i'm looking for an integration that would let hubitat power off the TV's directly. I've messed around with the Samsung community driver, but it has about 1000 features i don't need and seems to generate a LOT of traffic on my hub (especially with 3 samsung TVs).

looking for suggestions.

Possible to strip down that samsung community driver to just have power off control?
Is there something similar for LG tvs?

A smart remote perhaps?

I use a Logitech Harmony remote for exactly that sort of control. It'll also control all the other AV kit like the receiver, satellite box, BluRay player etc...
It's Alexa & GH compatible and has an integration in to Hubitat too.

No longer in production, but I'm sure others exist that'll achieve similar.


I use Logitech Harmony to control my TV and AV receiver. But, as has been said, they are discontinued.

I do not suggest using a smart plug to turn off power to the TV. They are designed to go into standby mode, but they still maintain their Internet connection while asleep.

There is supposed to be a community solution to interface Hubitat with the LG ThinQ app. I just got a new LG washer and dryer, but have not yet tried the interface.

I think there is a similar community solution for Samsung TVs, but since I have Harmony, I have not tried it.

Assuming the tv is webos there is a community driver that can power the tv off.

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Yes. I have it under test today for performance. Anticipate less than 0.1% if total hubitat time (1 min poll interval, less if slower poll). It has on/off and poll (to determine current state). Uses capability switch (on/off) and polling. Interested?

YES YES YES! I would love to try that!

I've re-enabled the regular samsung driver and have been using it with a motion sensor to turn the TV off. Working well. But, that is literally the only thing that I'm using that driver to do and I think it would be worth it to have a version of the app that doesn't poll the tv so much.

Notably, there is 1 Samsung tv that it just won't connect to and i'm not sure why. need to troubleshoot more. its pretty new, both were bought last october october, but are different models

samsungTVSwitch is now available on gitHub at:


  • Commands:
    • ON: Turns TV on using WOL
    • OFF: Turns TV Off
    • Poll: Allows for manual poll of tv connection to wifi. Switch ON indicates wifi connection, Switch off indicated not connected to wifi.
  • Preferences of Note:
    • Samsung TV Ip
    • The WS Token: copy this from current install. Then you will not have to reconnect to the TV on first use. In the current install, it is the state "token".

Fortunately, I have a Logitech Harmony device plus hub that controls my entire AV system: AV receiver, UHD screen, and streaming devices. I have not tried to integrate it with Hubitat.

Unfortunately, as AV equipment has become Internet capable, Logitech discontinued manufacture of Harmony devices in 2021. I hope mine does not die anytime soon.