Turn On/Off HVAC if door/Windows Open

Hi I want to Turn Off HVAC if door/Windows is Open and Turn On when the door/windows is close, I have Nest to control HVAC system.

Simple rule machine

If Door contact or window contact open

Delay 2 min(cancel)
Set thermostat mode off

Set thermostat mode auto

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How can I do this "Delay 2 min(cancel)"

Here is a picture, select repeat or delay action,select delay action, put the time in, then the delay shows up.

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I forgot to say that the delay is there so I can go outside without cycling the thermostat.

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That is a great idea. I just left out the entry doors from my rule.

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I do this with my HVAC and I tried to make it so it would send me a notification (or speak on my echo) when the HVAC changed. So for True, I have it send me a "Turning Thermostat Off at %time%" to my hubitat app. The problem is, I also want to be notified when it changes to False, but if I put "Turning Thermostat On at %time%" in the Select Actions for False, then it notifies me even if it doesn't actually change after the delay. I understand why it would do this, but obviously I don't want to know each time an outside door opens and closes within the 2 minute delay for each Action, I only want to know if the HVAC actually gets changed because something was/is open past the 2 minute allotted time. OK, so then I think, no biggie, I can use the "Notifications" app to just tell me when it detects a change on the HVAC. Well, Thermostat is not on option on the "Notifications" app. Anyone have an idea how I can go about being notified when the thermostat for the HVAC changes?

EDIT see next post, I think I figured out a different way, by just having two rules.

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OK, although it would be nice to use the notification app for a thermostat change, I think I can just create 2 rules for thermostat - 1 for any open window or door and 1 for all closed windows and doors and only have actions for True. This way, I can notify on true for either rule.

EDIT 2 rules doesn't work, still get notified, looks like @napalmcsr suggestion is the way to go.

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Or you could create a trigger in rm:
if thermostat mode becomes off
Then send message


I'm trying both... the trigger can get a little in depth as you have to include every mode for the thermostat that "could" trigger as well as fan modes. Thanks for the suggestion.

EDIT - removed the 2 rules, just went with the trigger in RM for notifications.

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I'm not familiar with nest as I have ecobee, but here is my rule.
Posting in case someone else runs across this thread and has a similar issue that I over came

  1. Like it was mentioned you want to avoid power cycling your thermostat
  2. I live in northern U.S. so we have summer/winter thus the door might be open and I would want to resume either the heating or cooling program.
  3. There is an assumption that I have pre-defined heating/cooling run schedule already configured so when it comes on it auto sets to the current schedule.