Turn on my bedroom lights at night, but only once?

I have a motion sensor above my bedroom door and a Room Lighting setup to turn on my bedroom lights when the motion fires, between sunset + sunrise.

BUT eventually I'm going to turn the lights off when I go to bed via a smart button or my phone. How can I prevent the room lighting/motion sensor from firing again through the night? Unlikely for me in bed but also have a dog who could trigger it.

Separately I can see the benefit of some form of lighting for overnight motion (wake up to use bathroom or similar) but ignoring that for now at least.

Often, you'll see people use the Modes feature for this, typically accompanied with something like Mode Manager to automate changing modes. You could then add an activation restriction to your Room Lighting instance so it doesn't activate in certain modes.

Of course, that would require some thought to set up if you aren't using it already.

So...an alternative that might work, given that you're already using Room Lighting, is to find something that can restrict activation. I see you mentioned a smart button. You could add that as a "Disable activation upon these events" option in your RL instance, then also add something for the "Re-enable activation upon these events" (if you have a single button/button number to work with, I can't remember if using the same for both would work, but you can certainly try, or you can use distinct events for maximum clarity, e.g., if your button supports hold or double-tap). But I see you don't always use that. While you're looking through these options, maybe you'll find something else that could work for you.

If nothing else, you could do the above but add a virtual device into the mix that you manipulate somehow--say, a virtual switch that restricts activation when turned on, un-restricts when turned off, and that you have set to be turned on when you press the button or do whatever else activates your "good night" lights-out.

But...in the long run, modes might be easier. :slight_smile:

I use modes to determine whether the ceiling light or the bed table lamps come on with motion. I use a button to turn off the lights when I go to sleep. If I get up in the middle of the night, one lamp comes on at 30%. I have a dog who sleeps on my bed.

I had problems with triggering the lights in the middle of the night when my dog sat up in bed or I rolled over. I have two motion sensors in that room. One of them triggers the lights when I walk into the room. I ended up putting that one under my nightstand. It's pointed at the door so it sees the motion when I enter, but not any motion when I'm in bed. The other sensor is in an extension of the bedroom away from the bed, and it only sees motion at that end of the room.

My RM rule for the bedroom lights is below. Some explanation:

  • The lights turn off if it's bright enough in the room without them.
  • During the day the ceiling light turns on.
  • In the evening, the two bed table lamps come on.
  • After I go to sleep, one bed table lamp comes on at 30%.
  • In every mode except Asleep, all lamps are turned off when there's no motion. In Asleep mode, the lamp I use for reading stays on and I use a button to turn it off.
  • Private Boolean is set to true in a rule that runs when Mode becomes Evening. If the mode has just changed to Evening and the ceiling light is on, I want it turned off and the bed table lamps turned on. But after that, if I turn the ceiling light on I want it left on as long as there is motion.

Long-winded explanation, but I hope it helps.