Turn on light using code on deadbolt keypad?

Is there a way I could enter a code on my smart lock that would turn on a light but not unlock the lock?


The Lock is first and foremost a Lock. It does lock stuff even without a Z-Radio inserted. The Z-Radio just passes on the actions/events. It's an after thought really. I mean yes, today they are designed for Z-Radio, built in, etc. But they don't seem to be innovative. I mean a Lock with a keypad is just a variation on a lock with a key, and you wouldn't expect a Report that a key was inserted but it wasn't the right one. I can see how that would be a great idea, but Lock manufacturers just discovered software/firmware in the past couple of years :slight_smile: (exaggeration for effect/humor) They aren't innovative.. yet.

Which lock is being used? I know you can perform an action based on a specific lock code. But the lock would have to be setup in such a way that it requires the hub to unlock not just the code.

Locks don't do that.. yet. They are still locks first, not Home Automation devices.

Now if Innovelli were making locks, totally different answer. :smiley:


My experince is truthfully only with locks that don't have keypads (Kwikset converts) and security keypads (iris). With that combo this would be possible.

Right, Keypads and Locks are entirely different specs in the Z-Device universe.

I don't see anything in the Capabilities that would Report valid codes that do nothing in/on the keypad. I guess "unknown" could be re-purposed, but do any vendors do that?

I have an Iris v2 Keypad (and I have Yale Locks) but I've never seen anything out of the Keypad when I do the code "wrong." Valid codes all seem to 'enable' one of the specialty buttons, Arm or Disarm, etc. If you don't push one, the code itself does nothing.

But full disclosure, I don't USE the keypad, it's just a thing I have sitting around for HubConnect testing. :slight_smile:

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My lock reports which code was used to unlock the door, so you could probably do an automation to turn on a light based on that attribute but it would still unlock the door - so not what you're asking for.

Based on the code entered, you could always immediately re-lock the door, but (as everyone else has said) it's a lock, first and foremost.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I didn't think it was possible, but new this group would no for sure. I was just trying to solve for a situation where I want to turn the light on while outside. I can always unlock and open the door but was looking for other options. I think I am just going to stick a motion out there.

Or a button? If you don't want false motion triggering it on. A keypad would make ensure that only a specific code turns on the light - and I've seen Iris keypads on eBay for under $20.

Are there any keypads that can serve this purpose? I was also contemplating a keypad project but wasn't really able to find any z-wave keypads