Turn on light inside metal building

Does anyone know of any way to install any type of Hubitat controllable switch (preferred) or outlet inside a metal building. I have a separate Hubitat inside the building, my problem is all the outlet and switch boxes are metal and zwave switches and outlets are too large to fit inside any of the boxes.

My goal is to turn on all the led shop lights when backing my truck into the shop at night. The garage door light is not very bright.

Help please

I had a similar problem in the back part of my basement. I have a switch in a dual gang (two switch) metal box and I got a plastic box extension ring at Lowes which allows it to fit. The extender also allowed me to use a plastic faceplate which (I assume) gives me a bit better ZWave radio performance. They also had metal extensions and faceplates. The newer Zooz switches are also much thinner than previous models.

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Would you happen to have a picture of the extension box you used ?

These work …



I used this one because it worked with my surface mounted metal box and converts it to a more normal mount instead of where the switches were screwed to the faceplate.

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