Turn on Homebridge switch from Hubitat

I am trying to turn on a (Wemo) switch on my Homebridge via Hubitat but I am stumped. I have installed a Homebridge plugin called WebHooks but I can not figure it out. When I define (at least I think I am) a wemo switch we'll with id sw1 and call Wemo_backdoor then use the url It ignores the existing switch Wemo_backdoor and creates a whole new switch with the same name. Subsequent call with the same url control this new switch either on/or off.

Alternatively, I created Hubitat virtual switches, add them to Homebridge via the Hubitat app Homebridge v2 then create homekit automations for each switch to control the physical switch on Homebridge. This is very painful as I need two automations (on and off) for each switch.

Has anyone got a better solution?

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This is the only way I know how. It might be painful, but it definitely works.