'Turn on' Command setting Hue Bulb to 1% with CoCoHue Drivers


I wanted to share this in case anyone else was coming across the same issue I had. I have just moved my Hue bridge integration from the built-in version to CoCoHue (mainly because I wanted the ability to activate 'flash' on a HSM event), however a handful (4) of Hue devices started coming on at 1% when the on command was sent (the device status reported 100%) - this was a mix of Hue RGB candle bulbs, E27 bulbs and a Lightstrip. What this resulted in was a very dark room when lights activated by motion were meant ti come on (I preferred using the 'turn on' command, rather than 'turn on and set level' because if the bulbs were manually dimmed it meant they didn't return back to default brightness on the next motion event).

After a lot of troubleshooting I found that the 'Off transition time' setting on each of the bulbs was set away from the default option, after changing them over to the defaults setting the bulbs started working as expected:

I think it might just be a bug (as I didn't change the setting away from default in the first place), however I thought it was worth sharing in case anyone else has a similar issue and then comes looking on the forum (like I did) for a fix!

I think I found something where the UI said the default was one thing, and I meant to make that default that thing, but then the code really specified a different thing. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your experience and the fix!

If that's not already fixed, it will be in the next release (it is for me...just can't remember if I've published it yet). I'm actually thinking of just removing these settings entirely, as they aren't really useful given this apparent oddity in the Hue API behavior...it was an experiment that I'm not sure I ever meant to release in the first place. Haha. It's only there for the RGBW bulb driver, IIRC (not group or any other bubls).


Thanks Robert, you are right - it's only on my RGBW Hue products (Outdoor Lights, Bulbs and Lightstrips), on the White and Ambiance products the option isn't there. I've gone and changed the 40 or so RGBW devices now and not seen the issue since so all is good.

Thanks for all your hard work on the driver, it's much appreciated :smiley: