Turn off Wifi C-8

Hey all,

My understanding (which may be incorrect) is that when you are using the C-8 on a wired network that you should not use the wifi. How do you turn off the wifi?

I originally set my c-8 up for wifi as I wanted it more centrally located to deal with some zigbee issues.

I have since relocated the hub back closer to my router and plugged it in to both backup power and the network. However, the wifi is still on.

I don't see any setting to turn it off. I tried connecting to a neighbor's network with an incorrect password, but as soon as the connection failed it went right back to my network.

Q1) Is it possible to turn it off?
Q2) Is there really a benefit to turning it off?
Q3) How do I turn it off?

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Connecting to a wired network via Ethernet cable should disable WiFi.

It did not. My hub is connected twice with two separate IP addresses (one wifi and one wired).

clear the wifi settings and only leave ethernet

Does the Disconnect Wi-Fi button not appear for you in Network Settings?

Screenshot of Wi-Fi settings

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My C8 does not show the "Disconnect Wi-Fi" shown above. Perhaps that is because my hub is not currently connected to WiFi ( I use Ethernet). But it does say "WiFi is Detected" at the top of that page, which means the WiFi radio is active.
While that results in a bit of network traffic, I am more concerned about having yet another point of entry into my network, I would really like to be able to TURN OFF the WiFi radio!!!!

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There really is nothing to clear. The password isn't shown (or even"hidden")

The network name pull-down doesn't have a blank option.

No, it does not. See screenshot above.

And before anyone asks, I am on *.152


Hubitat confirms that I am connected twice...

Agreed. It seems like this may contribute some of the overheating issues that cause the hubs to slow down and stop responding.

It seems like there isn't a user accessible way to shut this down. If someone knows of one, please let us know.

Try explicitly connecting to Wi-Fi, then see if the Disconnect button appears?

I dunno what happened. I just went back and the button is now there!! (Maybe my hub is now sentient?)

I clicked it...

I confirmed... And then it confirmed

And then the disconnect dissappeared

Which I suppose makes senses.

So apparently, while I am disconnected, it is still on as it is reporting that is sees networks.

Perhaps it only listens for networks when you are on the network screen? (Naw, that seems like wishful thinking.)

Do you mean because it says "Wi-Fi is detected"? I think that just means because it sees the Wi-Fi chip. This may seem odd on a C-8, but C-7 and C-5 have the option to use an external adapter, so this status is more meaningful for those models.

Perhaps that is what it means.

This could be one of those "how many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Pop" questions. The world may never know. :wink:

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