Turn off switch with wind speed

Everything I search for in the forums seems to require a Personal Weather System to measure wind speed. I know there used to be a Weather Underground API which has been disabled or some crap, but with that no longer around how does one get weather information without a PWS?

Weather Underground stopped allowing free API's, and now only issue them free to those with PWS uploading data to them, otherwise you have to pay a fee.

Ok. So what are the alternate solutions?

I can't help with that (without a PWS) as I have a PWS that I use for using it's attributes. Someone else will need to chime in

The built in open weather has wind speed.

try this...

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Thanks for the info! I wasn't aware there was a built in driver. There is a ton of drivers listed there and I probably looked right over it.

Sorry I didn't notice this before! I'll add that to my batch of weather drivers! Thanks!