Turn Off Some Debug/Info

I have some recurring Debug, Info data showing up in the logs from built in device driver and built in app. Could someone please turn those off. There is no option for me to do it.

dev 1 is Life360 Refresh and app 4 is life360 connector in the following screen shot.


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You may want to look at the Options section of the Life360 Connector App... Have you tried adjusting this option:

(At the bottom of the Life360 Connector App):

Then you should see:

Already looked at that. It is turned off.

And here I thought I had a simple late night solution.... :frowning:

Then that is odd... Just to clarify that point, have you tried clicking the debug text in the log entry, checking the Debug option in the app that is opened?

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Not sure what you mean. If I click on the debug text it just highlights the Life360 Connector app which as mentioned above has the debug turned off. The device log entry just selects the Life360 Refresh device which has no option to turn off or on debug.

EDIT: Should clarify, the device is a Application Refresh Driver. I just called it Life360 which is what it actually does.

Hmmm.. I understood clicking the log type to launch the device or app that recorded the log entry....

Then you may need to provide a little more info.... So it's not the built-in driver / app?

The Application Refresh Driver is a built in driver. The Life360 Connector is a built in app.

If I click on the log entry it just highlights the app or driver in the log. It doesn't open the app or device.

You need to click on the words info, debug or warn, etc to open the device or app that produced the log.


That said, I know for some of the code I have written, the logging can be produced by a parent / child device, so is not always entirely representative of the device that cause the log to occur.

AHHH, didn't know that. But anyway, it is the app or device that I mentioned above. Just a different way to get there.

This is not a big issue, just a little annoying to see this long list every day of debug and info that I don't need.

Tagging @mike.maxwell from Hubitat, as he might be able to add some additional options to both the Life360 App and the corresponding Refresh Device driver to suppress the logging. As you mentioned, there currently does not appear to be any option to suppress these.

One question for you… How frequently are you refreshing the Life360 connection? I used to refresh mine once a day, but recently I have found that to not even be necessary. Thus, I have disabled refreshing Life360 altogether and everything seems to just work fine these days… :thinking:

Then that is weird, as I don't see the same, but just because "I don't have the issue", doesn't mean it isn't an issue....

I see now that there are no options for this device in terms of debug logging. I think Dan is right to call on the experts....

I don't do it on time. But whenever either my wife or my Life360 presence changes I trigger the refresh which seems to make the other person update. So this can happen multiple times a day.

Been this way for quite some time. I can try not doing the refresh anymore and see if the presence still works ok. I think I originally did that as things wern't always updating the presence from Life360.

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