Turn off not working on rules involving sunset

Yesterday I moved my smart bulbs back to Hubitat and created new rules for them.

The two rules that use Sunset are not executing the Turn Off logic at the chosen times.

Rule 1:
When Time of Day is 120 minutes before sunset ...
Turn on Couch Light
Wait until Time of Day is 11:00 PM, then ...
Turn off Couch Light

At 11:00 PM the light does not turn off.

Rule 2:
When Time of Day is 60 minutes before sunset ...
Turn on Living Room Light
Dim Living Room Light to 80
Wait until Time of Day is 11:00 PM, then ...
Dim Living Room Light to 30
Wait until Time of Day is 12:10 AM, then ...
Turn off Living Room Light

On this rule, the light did dim at 11:00 PM but did not turn off at 12:10 AM.

I have other rules that turn on and off at specific times, and they work fine; it's just these rules that use Sunset that are not working correctly.

Any idea what might be happening?

Can you paste the actual full rule?

I'll have to get a screenshot on my computer as it's 3 screens on my phone.

I found exports I had made early last year when I had these set up previously.

Previous time I had the couch light automated in Hubitat, I did it with the Simple Automation Rules and not Basic Rules.

Still curious why this didn't work with Basic Rules.

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Well I sure don't see anything wrong. Usually when I have a rule that looks right but isn't working I will recreate it from scratch and see if that fixes it. Sometimes they seem to get confused behind the scenes. If you recreate it and it still doesn't work then there is a bug somewhere I'd say. If you turn on logging what does it show?

I've created a similar rule on another light that I hadn't automated, to see if a totally new rule also shows the same behaviour.

The other two lights have been moved to Simple Automation Rules, using rules I had used successfully before. Won't know until tonight whether they still work.

The brand new rule i created today worked, yet the two created yesterday didn't :man_shrugging:

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