Turn lights back on for false positive motion inactive

I'm currently using the Room app to turn off multiple lights when no motions is detected. However there are multiple instances where people are still in the room - they just didn't move enough to trigger the motion sensor, which creates a false positive motion inactive event and is quite annoying.

Is it possible for that person to wave their arms to turn the lights back on within a short timeframe (e.g. 10 secs)? I don't want the lights to turn on by motion in general. So it should only turn on if it recently turned off the lights due to motion inactive.

I guess I need to write custom rules, since the built-in app doesn't support it? The general idea I think would look like:

  • when no motion is detected, start a timeout wait for motions, when timed out:
  • save the status for each of the lights/switch in scope.
  • start another timeout wait (e.g. 10 sec) to detect any motion, when motion is detected within that time period, restore the switch to the saved status, otherwise, they remain turned off for good.

Not sure if there are other corner cases that I need to handle - e.g. handle manual turn on/offs. Would love to get pointers if there are existing rules/apps supporting this already.


Why not to use mmWave (Linptech) sensor instead or in addition to PIRs?

I didn't realize there are better sensors now, thanks! I just searched a bit, it seems the lintech one requires USB-C power input? Do you know if there are battery powered models?

Are you using motion inactive and stays in Room Lighting? If so, you could extend the length before it turns off room lighting.

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In general, these types of sensors require line power to work effectively.