Turn light switch off after certain amount of time

I am trying to turn off a closet light after ten minutes in case I forget to turn it off manually. Please help, I’m new to this and need you to be specific

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are you triggering it on? or do you just want to turn it off if it's left on? If you add a contact sensor to your automation, you can have it turn on when the door opens and off when it's closed.

April, I’m just trying to put a “timer” on the switch to turn the light off after a certain amount of time

I use a very simple Rule Machine rule for this, this is what it looks like:

In the rule machine, create a rule that turns off the switch if turned on, and delay it by 10 minutes. I'm doing something similar with my pantry that i trigger with a door sensor. if someone forgets to close the door, it turns off the light after 5 minutes.

A contact sensor would be nice, you could turn on and off automatically without ever thinking about it. Simple Automations would handle this extremely easily, and be fast. I know because that is how I did my pantry and kitchen cabinets.

Ty. I’ll give it a try👍