Turn all off rule. Wording help please

Hi all, I wanted a dashboard button to turn everything off, so I made this rule and my hub didn't like it because not all items were turned on so they couldn't be turned off, this presented as errors in the log, I'm just wondering is someone can help me with the rule, I need it to be something like turn all items off when this button is pressed unless the item is already off - I'm just not sure how to get this down on HE, thanks for any help

There should be no problem turning off something that is already off. What device are we talking about? And could you post the log entries containing the error?

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I'll redo the rule and save some log entries for it, in the past I haven't had an issue with it so I was a little confused by it ! It may well work this time !

right ive redone this! i found the problems on my own this time, a few of my items whilst working, were on the wrong drivers! and also id neglected to select a button number on the dashboard so it wasnt actually attempting the rule ! thanks for the clarity on this, i think i just needed someone to tell me there shouldnt be a problem for me to find where i went wrong

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