Turn a Hue light on or off via a RadioRA2 keypad

Hi everyone having some issues. I do this fine in HomeSeer today but trying to do it in Hubitat. Basically I have a Hue light that I want to turn on and off from Button 1 on a keypad, basically as a toggle. Press it once the light comes on, press it again it goes off.

I'm using the Button Controller-3.0 app, and first I tried making the action to "toggle a switch." This turns the light on, but doesn't turn it off. However, the odd time it does turn it off, but then it comes right back on.

So I gave up on that and did a Rule Machine. I created 2 of them:

  1. If button 1 is pressed and hue light is off, set hue dimmer value to 80%

  2. If button 1 is pressed and hue light is not off, turn off hue light

This is even weirder, as when I press the button the light turns on, immediately goes off and then comes back on. You press it again, it does the same thing. Depending how long I wait before pushing the button it always has a different outcome.

I want to accomplish this without having a dedicated "Lights Off" button on the keypad and just do it as a toggle like I have it set up in HomeSeer today. What's the proper way to do this?

Your approach seems fine to me.

Have you looked at the logs for the button, the hue light or even the rule in HE? Perhaps you could try using a virtual button just to rule out an issue with the physical button? I'm assuming simple control of the hue light from the device page works fine? E.g. turning the light on and off. Check there are no other rules or apps that may be affecting the light by checking the in use by section on the device page for the light.

Post some screenshots of any of these that may be useful and it will make it easier to diagnose.

Not sure what trouble you had with Button Controller, but here is my button controller settings for RRA2 Keypad. I use Scenes instead of just a single device, but you can do the same using a device and the toggle command. Added my Deck Keypad too, that one has a couple single switches.

Scene Keypad

Deck Keypad.

If you wanna to control the LED you need a set of rules for it they look like this....