TTS Working great!

@mike.maxwell Hi Mike and Hubitat team, I just wanted say thank you for the new TTS implementation! It is working great! I have individual rules set for each door, and a more general one for windows that speaks "Warning. A window has been opened. (Device Name)". TTS is very fast and so far has been reliable. Much more reliable than my voice notifications were with ST using webcore.

The only improvements I could think of would be to allow individual Sonos speaker volume when selecting multiple speakers, and volume by mode. I know you can already get this by setting up multiple rules per announcement, but would be nice if each announcement could be one rule. Would also be nice to have multiple voice options, although the one available sounds very high quality, and is easy to understand.


This is in works, in fact it's pretty much wrapped up as of 20 minutes ago...

These are good ideas, we're probably going to need some time to catch up with ourselves here with advantaging the apps with TTS features.

I just noticed that whilst TV sound is playing on the Sonos PlayBar the TTS works fine but TV sound doesn’t resume. Well actually it does but the volume is reset to 0 so you can’t hear anything...

Looking closer after playing TTS the status then shows stopped with the correct level. Normally whilst TV sound is playing it shows playing. As you raise the volume using the TV IR remote it changes to playing and the level reverts to 0 and then increases.... hmmm. Pressing play from the stopped state just replays the TTS and doesn’t revert to TV.

Can I also add that the speed at which you guys are rolling out all these upgrades is nothing short of remarkable.
I am nearly at a point where I could turn my ST hub off.
Great work guys. :+1::clap:

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can you verify what the driver reports for its level setting prior to invoking tts?
thinking here that the driver thinks the existing level is 0,

Also, by what means and application are you sending TTS to the sonos?

that means we aren't capturing the existing track data for whatever reason, so we aren't restoring...
can you post a screen shot of the State variable section of the driver when it's playing via the tv source?

FYI, there is a known issue with sonos connect, in that if the line input on the device is being used, we aren't restoring to that input after tts, maybe this is the same issue.
In any event, I have a connect and this is on my patch list.

Level whilst TV playing is 60, when TTS plays (via the devices button ‘Play track and resume’ ) it becomes 70 and then correctly reverts to 60 but no sound. If you then raise the PlayBar vol by the IR remote it jumps to 0 and counts upwards with corresponding audible volume.

Also looking in the Sonos App it reverts to 60 after TTS . However even adjusting the vol within their App does not cause the TV sound to play again. Only using the IR remote seems to work. Turning off the TV and switching on again which in normal use would stop any music playing and switch to TV doesn’t work after TTS.

There’s the additional source switching involved here back to the digital Toslink input, which is what appears not to happen. Not very consistent the way Sonos seems to be handling this. Not sure what you could do to work around this. The TTS over the TV sound is probably what I would use most too... shame.

The sonos driver now includes a tts level adjustment, this is at +10 by default, I found that the default tts level was too low compared to other sonos sources.

This likely is the same issue that has already been noted with the connect device, fixing that may resolve the playbar issue.

Yes, sounds like the same issue. I’m really happy with the TTS so far, just a setback re this and hopefully it’s fixable.

Brilliant! I liked having the TTS voice sound like the Alexa voice as we have a number of echos dotted around the house. Is the choice of voices available now or is it to come in a future update? Thanks!

It's not out yet, the back end work is complete.

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Just to confirm that today’s 1.0.9 update does fix the Sonos SoundBar resume to Toslink/TV playing problem after TTS.

Thanks guys.

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Yes, it does seem to fix it for me as well.

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Hi Mike, after today's update I have been poking around looking for the ability to change the voice but haven't been able to locate it. I looked in my existing speech rules and in the sonos integration app. Am I looking in the wrong place or did this not make it into today's update?

The global setting change did not make it into the ui in this release, the ability to change an individual request using textToSpeech has been included in this release.

Did the ability to change the global setting of the voice make it in the 1.1.0 release?

Did the ability to change the global setting of the voice make it in the 1.1.0 or 1.1.1 release?

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