TTS volume

I've setup a basic automation when i press a button it speaks some pre-entered text via Google Home Mini. It works great.
However i'd like to be able to specify volume for TTS. There isn't such option available.

Is it possible to do something like this?

  1. remember volume of Mini
  2. set volume to 100%
  3. speak text using TTS
  4. restore remembered volume.

Not sure how to create this.

Are you using the build-in Chromecast Beta App?

If so, then yes, but it is a little complicated and involves some variables and some delays to make sure that everything is done. What app are you using to initiate the TTS from the button press? Rule Machine?

Yes, i'm using Chromecast Integration (beta). From Rule Machine.

This may help...

You first have to capture the volume in a variable, then set the volume, then do the tts and then set the volume back to level of the variable.

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