TTS only plays first 4 seconds of message

I'm trying to setup tts on google home mini (using the Chromecast Integration (beta)) app.

For whatever reason it only plays the first (approximately) 4 seconds of the message when option "Stop after TTS is complete" is enabled. If i disable it the whole message will play just fine.

My experiment:
I created a virtual button and a rule that uses speech device when button is pressed.
The test message is:

At least one window is open for an extended period. A.C. will be turned off in 2 minutes unless all windows are closed.

It always stops around the word "extended" and "period".
Again, it will play the whole message if I disable "Stop after TTS is complete".

By the way, does tts relies on internet connection?

I've had similar issues. I've given up using the stop after method.

Pull your internet and find out...
Hint- it does 100% rely on internet.
Check your mini device page, does it have queued up commands under state variables?


Only for the first use of a given phrase, subsequent uses will use the locally cashed instance.

Just FYI its cache (not cash) :wink:


This is all I have under state variables:

utiQ: []
retry: 0

That is kind of a bummer.
I'm trying to avoid the cloud as much as possible, to make sure I have everything running regardless of my internet connection. Which may be a bit extreme considering how reliable connections are these days.

But if am going to rely on the internet... I guess I should create virtual switches instead and use routines in the device so it can use the native voice and handle the pause/resume itself.

That is interesting.
How does it manage storage? I mean, files that are not used for a while and things like that?

Thanks, blame spell check...

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Thank you Mike, very interesting.
Is there a cache time/size limitation? Removed/reset on reboot?


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Does it mean my hub will eventually run out of storage if I keep using tts?

Probably not unless you start reading books with it...


Maybe an auto maintenance/cleanup routine is something you guys should think about, specially when you start reaching the masses (which I hope you do because the more money you make the more awesome stuff you will build).

I engineered a few IOT devices myself and the idea is that everything that was running on the edge should "take care of itself" cleaning up logs, temp files and everying in between.

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