TTS + Chromecast Integration notifications work with Google Minis, but not Google Nest Hub

Hello, been using Hubitat for a few months now, migrated from SmartThings, and basically just used the migration as an excuse to get all new switches, etc. Anyway, everything has been great, and I finally decided to put notifications on some of my window sensors to start out. I installed Chromecast Integration, and set a rule that said basically "if x is open, speak 'x is open' on GOOGLE HUB" but it would not work. I changed the output device to one of my Google Minis, and also my Google Nest AP (which has a speaker), and it all works to correctly output 'x is working' but when I switch it all back to the Hub, it does not say anything.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

I haven't experienced this issue with my Google Home Hub specifically. Is it possibly a member of a different Google account? I have a couple of Google accounts and have made this error myself before.

They are all part of the same home.

is there a way to stop the chirp on a google mini before it announces a tts notification?