Trying to wrap my head around rule machine - washing machine "done" notification

Updated rule: added a 2 min delay to avoid false notification (idle while washing) and added an AND condition to avoid false max power (Zooz recorded 89866 Watts for a second !!)

@PPz Can I ask why you have two washer rule running? Are they not the same? Just Curious Thanks
Also did that delayed stop the false notifications?

I don't. I modified the app by changing the notification message (from english to french - WAF again) and playing it on a GM.
Btw, the added delay solved my problem. 2 minutes is enough in my case to avoid that a pause in the process triggered the notification.

Thanks for the reply and update.

Thanks mate that rule worked a treat!!

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Update: added a timer to know when the machine started and when it stopped.
Sometimes useful to remember if everything worked as expected...