Trying to setup Rule Manager 5.1 same as legacy rule but can't

So I'm starting to manually move my Legacy Rule Manager apps to the new Rule Manager 5.1 (

I've got two screen shots, the legacy app and the new 5.1 app rule. I seem to be stuck here. In the Legacy app, I can set a wait for condition and select all door contacts to be closed if open at 10pm and this works perfectly.

However in the new 5.1 rule, I can't do this. So how do I wait now? or how do I select all doors to be closed since I can't?

Legacy rule

New 5.1 rule
rule manager 5.1

"Wait for condition" (in Rule 4.0) became "Wait for conditions" (in Rule 4.1), then "Wait for rule" (Rule 5.1 in 2.2.9, I think) and now "Wait for expression" (Rule 5.1 in 2.3.0). All pretty much the same thing as they experimented with what was or wasn't confusing. :smiley:

So, you can still find it in new versions of Rule Machine rules--just look for "Wait for expression" instead.

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Thanks, confusing yes (I think condition was better) but found it and set it. Thanks for the solution!

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I think the issue they were trying to address is that "condition" could be either a single one (like "Motion X is active") or a combination of them (like "Motion X is active AND Door Z is closed"), and it wasn't always clear what could be used where or even what you meant if you said "conditions" (an entire expression that is to be evaluated, or just the bank of conditions you've created for use and may or may not be using anywhere...itself also a source of confusion sometimes).

Using "rule" for this was probably the most confusing, since nowadays most people think of the entire app as that. (This use of the term alludes to its usage in pre-4.0 versions of Rule, where "rule" was actually a concept inside most types of Rule app instances and was, similarly, a single condition or arbitrary combination of them.) So, at least with "expression," they found a different term and one that isn't as confusing to most people. :smiley:


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