Trying to setup a Zen17 as a momentary relay

I have a driveway gate that has a simple NO/C. this is the "button" used to open the gate. Gate auto closes after 2 minutes. I just need this to push that button. Just be an inching relay.

R1 R1
using N/O + C

Its not installed yet, just testing with my meter. I mean you can hear it too. When i hit ON the relay closes but never re openes until I hit OFF. Under the child device type it says switch but does not give me the option to change it. Button sounds like it would work better.

Seems strange but I got it to go.

Once you have all the settings you want exclude the device. Wait 2 minutes and Include. The relay now is a 1 second momentary.

Now Im getting multi taps from the relay when I only tap once. Anybody make sense of this?

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