Trying to send text from Power Automate to Webcore

Hi all,

Massively new to all of HTTP commands etc, but in the past I've managed to 'fluke' a few things! Essentially I want to trigger a WebCore piston using its external url triggered by Microsoft Power Automate.

The first part I've managed to do without an issue, however, I also want to take text from a Power Automate variable (specifically the %CurrentDateTime2% variable text shown in the 'Request body' section of the below screenshot - but no idea if that is the right place for it..), and then somehow capture this text into a Webcore Variable. This is what I see in Power automate:

Would any of you clever people be able to tell me:

  1. What I should do to parse the date/time info into Webcore, does anything stand out in the above form that would be obvious to someone with more knowledge?

  2. What I would then need to do in WebCore to capture this info, i.e. setup a dynamic variable with some sort of Expression? Previously I did something similar with Tasker and a Dynamic Variable with an $args expression that worked - but frankly I've no idea how or why it did!

Should be able to set a variable to $response and manipulate it from there IIRC.

Sorry @thebearmay you've lost me there! Are you referencing WebCore or Power Automate? Apologies, but my knowledge/understanding of these areas is fringe at best...

To clarify - I just wondered if what I was doing in the Power Automate HTTP Request form (pictured above) was correct, as in, I want to send the PA variable text contained in ' %CurrentDateTime2%' to WebCore somehow - I'm not sure if selecting the variable in the 'request body' section the way to do this and was wondering if it should be anywhere else?

Then after the above, how do I capture this into a variable in WebCore (but step by step if possible!). This if what I've put into WebCore, but it was just a guess and doesn't seem to capture anything:

Webcore variable

I'm somewhat out of my depth here, but I think it's got something to do with 'Parsing a JSON payload' but I've no idea how to do this, I assume it means writing some sort of JSON code in the Power Automate 'Request Body' alongside the variable, or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

Any step-by-step instructions would be hugely appreciated. :weary:

Have your PowerAutomate sent it as a JSON string, i.e. {"CurrentDateTime":"dateTimeValue"}, then $args.CurrentDateTime should contain a value.

Many thanks again. Do you mean like this? I've circled the bits in red I've changed:

Change Content-Type to application/json and try sending it as an HTTP GET.

Unfortunately it didn't work, let me try and show exactly what I'm trying to do more clearly:

In total it looks like this:

Power Automate:

The first step gets and stores the %CurrentDateTime2% variable, in this format: 2/6/2023 6:37:17 PM - it is these details I want to pass on into WebCore (somehow!)

The next step is the 'Invoke web service' details where I have posted my WebCore Piston url, but I'm unsure on what to do for everything else.

...and finally my WebCore piston which, when called, turns a light on (so I know it actually got triggered) and then, what Iā€™m trying to do is to also pass the variable data across to webcore, i.e. the previously captured '2/6/2023 6:37:17 PM' (the variable in my piston is a total guess atm!):
Webcore piston