Trying to learn rules

I use Better Laundry Monitor, but haven’t found a way to have the app flash a light until the motion detector in the laundry room has detected motion.

So, I am on bended knee, not giving up, but asking for help.

These are the required expressions

These are the trigger events

Now this is where I am lost. The action.

In a perfect world, when both the washer and dryer are finished, the salt lamp is supposed to turn on for 20 seconds, turn off for 20 seconds, and keep repeating until someone goes into the laundry room to move the laundry.

I have spent many hours over many days testing my changes.

What did I do wrong?

A couple of things I’m noticing:

  1. The “Power level of Washer, Dryer any is >50.0” condition will prevent your trigger event of “Power level of Washer, Dryer all report <10.0” from running. To resolve:
    a. Remove the >50.0 condition
    b. Change the trigger to >50.0
    c. Add a “Wait for condition” of “Power level of Washer, Dryer all report <10.0”
  2. The salt lamp will only turn on from a fraction of a second. For it to remain on, delete line 2: “Off: Salt Lamp”.
  3. Repeat is not required for your wait event. So Remove “Repeat every 0:00:20” and also “END-REP”
  4. Once there is motion in the room, the lamp will turn off and the “Laundry finished” notifications will be heard. Is that what you want, or would you rather the announcement be made as soon as the laundry is done? If the latter, move that notification to the top, right after “On: Salt Lamp”.

Does this help?

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Immensely. Thank you.

Here are the changes you recommended

How can this be changed so the light flashes instead of staying on?

If you want the lamp to flash once cleaning is done, then:

  1. Move “Wait for event: Power … < 10.0” to be the 1st event
  2. Instead of “On: Salt Lamp” add “While Basement Motion motion inactive -> Repeat every 0:00:10” (This will make the action repeat every 10 seconds while there is no motions. Making this number too small will end-up overwhelming your hub and possibly also the mesh on which the lamp is connected - Z-Wave? Zigbee?)
  3. After this line, Add “Toggle: Salt Lamp”
  4. After that line, Add “END-REP”
  5. Remove “Wait for event: Basement Motion motion active” (This will be taken of already by the “While…” action

Waiting till the laundry basket gets full to test the changes…

In the interest of science I will be happy to drop off a load of dirty laundry of mine for you to wash and dry.



leave your panties at home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Started the washing machine and when I came upstairs a few minutes later, the salt lamp was toggling.

What did I do wrong?

Have you monitored the power levels on your washing machine to confirm it doesn't drop to less that 10 during a load? My washer is all over the place due to pauses and other moments when it will drop below 10 while running a load. As a result I have to wait for it to be below a "I'm still running" level for a minute or two to be sure it's done. This is referred to as a "debounce" time.

You may need to do similarly.

Take a look at your Events on your power monitor device page and see if reported power from the washer is dropping below 10 while running.

You'll need to do the same for your dryer.

The other thing about your rule that I would not do, is you wait for both washer and dryer to report <10. That means you could have a dryer finished w/a bunch of clothes getting wrinkled while the washer is running to finish the next load. I'd separate that - either w/two rules, one for washer, other for dryer, or separate them in this rule. I find it easier to have two separate rules for my purposes.

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To put a little back story to this, years ago my wife missed the last step going to the basement and broke her ankle. She is hesitant to go to the basement so I have assumed the job of laundry man. But, I have arthritis in my knees and hips. The fewer trips I can make to the basement the better. Our daily clothes don’t need ironing. If something gets wrinkled, my wife irons it, so I prefer to wait until both are finished. You would think I could just listen, but I’m mostly deaf too.

The washer does use about 20 watts filling up, then the soak cycle brings the power down to below 10 watts for a few minutes.

Might be something to add to Better Laundry Monitor to toggle a light so this rule wouldn’t be necessary.

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I added a 5 minute wait.

Am I getting close?

Apologies that I have little to help here, but out of curiosity -- why did you change the trigger from "any report" to "all report"? I would think that would cause a miss when only one is running (e.g. first wash and last dry), but maybe I'm missing something obvious.

I get that...agree 100%.

I've never used it, but you might suggest it to the author. In my rule I have a flashing light in the kitchen, a GV voice announcment, and a text notification! I have a real problem ignoring/forgetting laundry. And neither my wife or I am interested in ironing. :wink: I'm also the laundry guy as my wife is still working full time and I'm retired. Luckily we're on one floor so no stairs to deal with...

Your idea makes sense. I will change it to any.

that is in the rule, but I have never heard it. The Chromecast Integration app and Chromecast helper app are installed. But that is for another day.

Here is the updated rule :

This is working as I wanted it to. Many thanks to everyone for their input.

I moved the voice notification up, because GH was telling me the laundry was finished after I had gone downstairs and tripped the motion sensor.

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