Trying to have homeseer multi-sensor turn a color when MyQ garage is open

I am trying to get my Homeseer multi-sensor to turn a certain color (blue) when MyQ garage is open and to turn off when the door is closed.

I am not a IT professional so I am not an expert with creating rules and making the most of the Hubitat finer details, so I am hoping somebody can help me.

I kinda got this to work through the MyQ lite drive but you have to open the garage door inside of the Hubitat app. If I open the garage door through my on wall Chamberlin garage door opener it does not work. I do not think I have a sensor (I have those little camera things at the bottom of the garage door that will open it if it detects an object while closing) but I do not think this is the correct sensor? So for my rule I selected to turn on the light on Homeseer when the door is opening instead of status open.

But I don't think this will work in the long run because 9 out of 10 times I use the on-wall garage door opener and that doesn't seem to send the status to the MyQ lite. I only see the door status as opening and closing when I click open or close in my local Hubitat app.

So my idea is to use IFTTT to send a webhook to Hubitat to turn on a virtual switch. From there I can create a rule that says when this virtual switch is on then the Homeseer will turn blue and when it is off then turn the Homeseer off.

But I am getting stuck. When creating my webhook I have been referencing the topic internet-based-webhooks-endpoints

But when it comes down to the URL to send the webhook to I am getting stuck trying to figure out what to put in the APP-ID for the virtual switch. I know all the other details like Hub-ID and access token. I just don't know where to find the APP-ID and event name. For the event name would it just be "garage door name open"? And Where do you find the app-id for the virtual switch I want to turn on?

{HUB-ID} = your hub ID from your settings page
{APP-ID} get from your local URL you get from adding an IFTTT event in a webCoRE piston.
{EVENT-NAME} Self-explanatory
{ACCESS-TOKEN} from the local URL from your piston.

Can anybody help me? Do you think this would work? Even after I have the URL correct how do I get the virtual switch to turn on/off when the webhook is sent from IFTTT to Hubitat? Or does anybody have a different idea on how to make my Homeseer multi-sensor turn on a certain color when the garage door is open?

Thanks for all your help!

The easiest way and 100% local method for many HE MyQ users is to mount a tilt sensor or contact sensor on the garage door, assuming you have a Zwave or Zigbee signal in the garage. I use a zigbee SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor V5 in garage mode (tilt), now getting somewhat difficult to acquire, but almost any tilt sensor or contact sensor should work.

Once the sensor is installed, and (optional but suggested) connected to the MyQ app in with sensor mode, it should be an easy RM to do what you want.


That's kind of unusual. What are you using for the inside door control and how do you connect to the Chamberlain MyQ app?

Thank you for your feedback! I just use the normal garage door opener it came with. When I open or close from either the on-wall unit or MyQ app on my phone, it doesn't update the door status in the Hubitat device. It just stays at unknown. The only time the status switches to opening or closing is when I push open or close inside of the garage door device in Hubitat. After it opens and closes then it switches to unknown which is fine, because I only need the status opening or closing to create the rule I want.

I will look into the sensor you recommended unless there are any other ideas on how to incorporate IFTTT or another method to get the result I am looking for.

I also wanted to add that when checking the logs the only time a log is created is when I open/close the door inside of Hubitat.

When I open/close the door outside of Hubitat no logs are created

That is because Chamberlain does not permit the HE MyQ app to read the status of the door, but it can open and close it. It's the reason many HE MyQ users use a local sensor on the door.

Having used the local He MyQ app in both with sensor and no sensor modes, and having the door remain partially open overnight with no local sensor mode, with no warning from the MyQ app that I normally receive, I strongly suggest using the HE MyQ app with sensor. I changed over to "with sensor mode" about two weeks ago after pushing a zigbee signal into the concrete walled garage with Tradfri repeaters.

That's correct. It's a one way street from HE to MyQ. No feedback or unsolicited updates, that are not available due to Chamberlain licencing limitations. Hence the use of a local sensor on the door.

Posting on the Myq Lite thread is probably the best place for any additional questions. I'm sure someone has tried with the now payable IFTTT interface.

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