Trying to have a dimmer bulb turn up to 100 a certain time after I turn it on but be cancelable if changed

So we have two smart bulbs in our side table bedroom lamps. I like to turn them on by voice to a low setting when I wake up but would like them to be at 100% 10 minutes later after the wife gets back from getting ready. She always has to tell them to go to 100%. I have read all about the cancelable delayed actions but I am running into a problem with the bulbs which are selectable as only dimmers. I can only set triggers based on dimmer level increase, decrease or change and so on but not turning on or off.

The dimmer level of the bulbs doesn't change even when they are turned on or off so the triggers don't work and the system gets all jammed up. I would like to do something like:

Trigger: Either dimmer is turned on

Action: If time between 6 and 7 AM THEN
Set dimmer to 100 --> delayed 10 minutes (cancelable)
IF dimmer level changed OR Dimmer off THEN
Cancel delayed action

Is something like this not possible with a dimming smart bulb? The bulb devices have an on and off function as well as level change function in their device page but only dimmer levels are selectable in the actions.

Select the capability "switch" and you will see the bulbs there as well because they have that capability as well.

Lol, you're right. I could have sworn they were not appearing in the switch category yesterday. Thanks!

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