Trying to get started, stuck at reboot after initial update

Hi. I'm moving from Smart Things to Hubitat and am trying to get started.
Initial setup of my new hub. It was found on the network, did a software update
and it's stuck at the rebooting screen. The light on the front is green also.

I did unplug it, it went through it's reboot process with a blue light, then solid green.
It shows up on my network also. Did I miss something or what can I try next.


In the general scope of things, green is good! It means the UI is up and running. It's possible the hub changed IP addresses. Is the hub set to DHCP and does it have an address reservation in your router's DHCP table?

Are you able to get to the diagnostics tools page on port 8081?


Take a look here also... Cant get my hub to open - #9 by 672southmain

You can also try the "reset network settings" button on the bottom - Network Setup - Hubitat Documentation

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@TonyT Did you set a static ip on the hub?

I hadn't even gotten that far to reset anything. It was stuck after the initial setup, then firmware update. I was doing it on mobile and was able to get to the hub now and all the setup info on my desktop. Thank you!


I am in there now. Like in the other reply, I was able to get in without any issues on my desktop
so i've set an static IP address for it now.

If you set a static ip make sure you set the DNS to but it's recommended that you do a reservation in your DHCP instead.

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Also take a look at this before you continue just to have some rules of thumb


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