Trying to get current temp to use on ActionTiles

I am trying to just display the current outside temp in ActionTiles. I did install this driver for Precip and weather monitor NWS - and it does return current temp -see attached ... I just don't know enough how I can access that in HE and then use it / display it in AT.

Help anyone?

PS I am not tied to this NWS driver I know some here use openweather api. I don't care how to get there my goal is just a current outside temp I can display on my wall mounted tablet with actiontiles. TIA.

Did you find anything for this? I'm looking for a current weather widget also. I have a good forecast widget, but would like to know the current temp easily also.

try this ...

Yes - I like it - works well. I added the drivers code for "precipitation and weather monitor for NWS Data" from garyjmilne (I think through HPM) ... that provides frequent updates to all sorts of weather data for your area. Then I created a virtual temperature device - wrote a piston to populate it with current temp triggered whenever a temp change occurs. I display it in ACTIONTILES.

Awesome, thanks for all the info!

I haven’t used actiontiles in quite a long time, but if this were a native Hubitat dashboard, it would be pretty simple to do.

I would create a new tile on the dashboard, assign the virtual weather device, and then choose “attribute” as the tile template.

That will then reveal a dropdown box with all the custom attributes the device supports. Choose whichever one makes the most sense for the use case (e.g. my virtual weather device reports “temperature” among its many attributes).

Since I don’t use Actiontiles, I can’t say for certain there is something similar. But I would look into how to display device custom attributes with actiontiles.

Those look like widgets with HTML code to add to one’s own website.

The dashboards are in fact websites, but how would you add the html code to a dashboard to show a widget like that?

It works .. you need a html device Tile Device I-Frame from : thebearmay
^^^ add this to the driver code .. then configure it ..



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Ah, with an iframe tile driver. Thanks.