Trying to find a Zigbee repeater

I'm looking on Amazon for a Zigbee repeater. I see multiple choices for Z-wave but not a single option for Zigbee. I just bought a Samsung water sensor (Zigbee) but it's a bit out of reach of my HE hub. One option would be to install an additional router and an additional HE hub at that end of the house. This will require I hire someone to do some Ethernet cable running and I suspect that cost would eclipse that of the hardware itself. So that's not an ideal solution. Hoping to find some kind of repeater that would do the trick. Are these repeaters effective? Where can I find one?

The IKEA Tradfri outlet is a good repeater. Good price point too. I believe they do a repeater as well.

Are you referring to the device pictured below? There is no reference to Zigbee.

I have two of them and all the Ikea products are Zigbee.


The SmartThings . . . errr, I mean SAMSUNG switched plugs (wall warts) are Zigbee Repeaters. I have the older ones (of course).

Samsung SmartThings Outlet [GP-U999SJVLDAA] Smart Plug - Alexa Compatible - ZigBee - White


LOL @ Eric.

I'm fairly sure the SYLVANIA SMART + ZigBee Indoor Smart Plug would be a repeater too and it's a bit cheaper but I don't have one and their site doesn't specify that it's a repeater. Maybe someone else here has one . . .

SYLVANIA SMART + ZigBee Indoor Smart Plug, Works with SmartThings, Wink, and Amazon Echo Plus, Hub Needed for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant

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For those that are repeater-capable, do they need to be setup as a device in Hubitat before they exhibit their repeating capability? That is, if I buy a plug such as the Samsung that acts as a Zigbee repeater, but don't actually plug anything into it (read, lamp) there is no real need to add it to Hubitat as a device unless that is required to gain the repeater capability.

Yes, otherwise it won't know how and where to repeat to. Personally, I'd pick up the Ikea signal repeaters if you have no need for plugs. I've had them on my mesh for months now and while they aren't as strong as plug based repeaters, they work well and because the repeater part is USB, you can hide them in all sorts of places.

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I had never seen those Ikea ones before - pretty slick. I would be afraid someone in my house would walk off with it thinking it was a generic cell phone charger!

That's why I took them off the plug-in and hid them on various devices. I have one in my office plugged into a power strip with USB outlets and one in the back of my living room entertainment center, plugged into a power strip. :smiley:

I'm planning on getting a couple more for the back bedrooms.

I guess I'm not grasping the USB thing. Is there a portion of this thing that's not pictured that plugs into the USB port of the part that is in the image?

I bought some Cortet Z10 Zigbee repeaters from eBay for $10. There is no driver specifically for them, but I will try the Ikea driver based on Mike Maxwell’s suggestion. I will post results in that post.

Yes. There's the plug in unit and the actual signal repeater plugs into that. I don't use the plug in part, just the USB section. However, the entire thing CAN be used as a phone charger or something else that charges over USB.

This is mine plugged into a power strip tower.

Peanut plugs



I took this photo before I saw @corerootedxb's post with photo.

The Ikea Tradfri repeaters are super-convenient, and there's a Hubitat driver for them. I have most of mine plugged into in-wall USB outlets.

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Im using peanut plugs and it fixed all my zigbee network drops.

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One of these?........

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Yup. Sometimes you find Peanut plugs on eBay as 2 for $20.