Trying to Create a Holiday Light (FAIL)

Okay, trying to cycle a Color Bulb through 7 Colors based on day of the week for Christmas. It seems to work fine one day than may fail. I suspect I'm to lite on the programming, missing conditional settings as it appears to run through the days, change color, then turn the bulb off. Need some help if anyone is in the Christmas Coding Spirit. (see Photo)

A potentially easier approach if you’re willing to compromise on your requirements a bit is a user created app is [Release] - Lighting Effects

Thanks I did not know that existed I'll give it a shot.

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Hi @wnc.dave.
Just a couple of thoughts here. You can change your trigger to Sunset +5 minutes (since your are doing this every day).
Some of your actions are Set color and others are Toggle color - I would set them all to be Set color, just to be safe.
I think you might have to add an END-IF after each IF action command. Or change to IF and ELSE-IF conditions: IF (day is Monday) THEN Set color, ELSE-IF (day is Tuesday) THEN Set color, etc.

Getting a "null" error. FYI, I do not have a hue hub if that matters.

Thanks, I'll make the change if this Lighting Effects app doesn't fill the need.

I don’t have a hue hub either. But I did have to set my hue to 360 degrees on the device page of my RGBW lights to get them to work properly.

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Craig, That did it, wife Happy! I had seen your note to have that off so I never tried it. Apprecite the Help!

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That's still not going to work. As noted above, some of your actions are Toggle color. This is incorrect. If you want the color set to a particular color, you have to use setColor. The setting for 360 would make no difference in this case since you are setting the color based on Hubitat's preset colors and not entering a custom hue value.

WAF the most important metric in all of home automation :slight_smile:

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Ryan, Craig's app is working so rather than redoing my own attempt I'm going with his. Appreciate the help though. Still trying to learn all the terminology and where to see what happened and trying something different. A slog but we'll not let it beat me.

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To be fair - it's not my app, I just brought it to your attention. It's @bptworld fantastic app, and I am greatful that it exists! :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it.


I've got 5 Hue bulbs and 2 sets of Osram Gardenspots in front of the house, this is my twist on the OP's Christmas rule. The bulbs rotate between a red, green and blue combination every once in a while (I've been trying smaller intervals to see if any strain on the Hubitat hub, none so far with these settings)

Another rule turns the virtual switch on and off (this way that same rule can be for my normal front light routine when Christmas is over)

The delay in the 3rd block is to overcome the Osram's finicky-at-best responsiveness to being turned on and off by HE.

Very nice, if we were younger, but only cycling a porch light through some colors as we have static led strings over 2 bushes.