Trying to add Ring base station as secondary controller

In the past I've added secondary controllers (Aeotec USB stick and HomeSeer USB stick) in order to update firmware on some devices, etc, and everything went super easily.

I recently dug out a Ring hub (leftover from buying a couple of their "starter" packages on Black Friday) in the hopes that I could use it to upgrade the firmware on Ring contact and motion sensors (and maybe other Ring-branded items). I realize this is not the most important use case in the world, but I was curious.

The Ring base station clearly says that it supports its own addition as a secondary controller in its manual (which I'm honestly pretty surprised about!). However, whenever I try to include it to Hubitat, it errors out after 30 seconds of trying. I've reset the Ring station, rebooted Hubitat, and moved them to be right next to each other, and no love. I'm curious if anyone (particularly @bcopeland since I know he is a Ring sensor aficionado) has had success in doing this? I realize it's a ridiculous use case, but hoping someone may have been successful.

Additionally (Bryan or anyone else who is qualified to poke at it), I have a second base station (from those same Black Friday deals) I'd be willing to send to you if you do want to poke at it.

I can tell you for sure that this doesn't work.. I tried this as well and could never get their hub to complete the inclusion..


Bummer, would've been nice. Appreciate the response!

@bcopeland Before I totally let it go... I got it to the point of S2 pairing with Hubitat, but of course am in the dreaded "no neighbors" state. I assume you also got this far? I am surprised since I only got this far on my 20th or so try :grimacing:

You made it further than I did..

Followup: I got the Ring hub added (at least according to HE, though the Ring app didn't really seem to notice). Rebooted Hubitat and the Ring base station, and boom. The device in z-wave settings had plenty of neighbors, all good, etc.

The unfortunate side effect was that once the Ring hub got added, all ~100 of my z-wave devices became completely unresponsive. I did a forced forget of the Ring hub, which didn't seem to help, followed by a couple Hubitat reboots, and things seem to be getting back to normal. I wanted to try and provide some logs, etc, but since I was screwing around in my prod environment, I just wanted my stuff back online.

Anyway, just figured I'd throw a warning out there for anyone trying it.