Trying to add another Lutron Dimmer and I'm stuck

It has been a year or two since I set up my Hubitat and I don't remember the exact steps needed to add another Lutron dimmer. I've got other Lutron dimmers so the Lutron hub/bridge is in place and properly configured. I have added the new dimmer to the Lutron app on my phone and am able to control the dimmer via that Lutron app. I have added the new dimmer to Hubitat's Lutron integration list. This is where I am getting stuck. How do I now add it as a device so that it shows up in Hubitat's device list? I think once I get that problem solved I'll be home free.

Instructions are here. If you have questions, ask, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Basically, you generate another telnet report in the Lutron app, spot the new device, edit the list in the integrator.

Yeah, I've looked at that. My problem is that after doing all of that (correctly, I believe) I don't see the new Lutron dimmer in my list of Hubitat devices. Should the dimmer be automatically entered into the Hubitat device list once the device has been entered into the Lutron integrator list or is there an additional step that brings the new dimmer into the deice list? Something that would equate to discovering a Z -wave device?

Yep. Did you remember to click Done after you edited the list? The odd format of the list is very picky. No spaces allowed except in the device name. No extra step required, just Done out.

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Yes. I clicked on 'Done'. The device shows up in the integrator list but not in Hubitat's list of devices. Any chance a reboot of the HE might resolve this?

I don’t recall that it’s ever been necessary for me, but couldn’t hurt. I’ve done it a few times.

Okay. It appears to be my error. Apparently I had not backed all the way out of the integrator and, as such, had not hit the last 'Done' button. Now that I have done that, I can see the new dimmer in the device list. Thanks very much.


Great, glad you were successful.