Trying to add a Logitech device driver but

I get the error "expecting '!', found ' ' @ line 1, column 2."

I am not a coder and don't know what that means although, I did try to modify it (blindly). that just produced different errors :upside_down_face:

I did this once before and don't remember having problems.

All I thought I had to do to get the Child devices back was add a new driver and virtual device but Noooo.

I have a companion Hub now. Maybe somebody can send me a link to the correct device driver, please.

Hello -

I think it would really help if you could indicate exactly which Logitech device you tried adding and which driver you used?

Is it a Logitech Harmony hub?

Yes, it was a Logitech Harmony hub probably an early version 1, before Logitech bricks it (lol) I thought I'd get a newer one.

I don't remember which driver it was. I had some excellent help and followed his steps. (Obieone ??)

That error typically comes from a bad paste in the driver/app text box. Often the selected text includes things that aren't the driver - like the whole page and not the driver code. It can also happen if you don't click in the destination box for the code.

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The current Logitech Harmony Hub is supported by my driver on Hubitat. Give it a try.