"Truly Smart Home"

GACK! No way, no how.

The Last sentence sums up every bit that scares me.

But as a vision for how a truly smart home should work, it’s certainly a very appealing and Apple-like one.

iTunes forever disabused me of Apples "Vision" lol



But only half the universe feels that way... the other half are rejoicing. :smiley:


True that!

I can't fathom the why of it, but you are absolutely right!



They're not wrong. It's just not for us. Someone is going to make a dummy proof system.. Something like that first PC that shipped with a one button mouse and had a solid graphic user interface. Us IBM PC users would say stuff like, "Build a PC any dummy can use, you'd be a dummy to use it". They sold oodles and set the bar for a loyal purchasing base that still follows them today. How many times have we heard our significant other say, "I just want it to work!"? That's the holy grail of new technology. Simple setup, life is made better. Us early adopters will just move on to the next frontier so we can hang on to our 'leet reputations.

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"Siri, open the door"

"Sorry Dave, I can't do that, you haven't purchased the Extra Protection Plan"

"Ok, Purchase the extra protection plan"

"Sorry Dave, your social credit score is too low to qualify"

"What?? Why is my score too low??"

"You purchased a non-compliant unbranded charger Dave!! You know what you did!"



I don't think it's half universe...

Each Apple fan is twice as rabid as the others. Brings ‘m into parity. :flushed:



When one looks at just the United States, the data is a little different. :wink: