Troubleshooting motion lighting

Hello all,

New HT user here. I have a very simple motion lighting automation that I am having an odd issue with. I have a single motion sensor and 3 hallway lights that I want to have turn on when I enter the hall. The problem I am having is that after I get the rule set up (in either RM or the motion lighting app) and trigger the action for the first time, the rule then no longer works. Works fine the first time only. Logs all show everything triggering correctly (motion sensed, light on, motion stops, lights off). The automation just simply is not actually functioning after the first instance (but the logs and my dashboard say everything is working).

Am I just missing something really simple here? For good order sake here is a screenshot of the very simple RM automation I am using to test getting the light to just turn on reliably.

Keep in mind that this light functions perfectly when I turn it on or off through the dashboard so it is very much connected to the HT hub.
Here is the log:

Any insight would be much appreciated.

I'm no expert in Rule 4, but I think you might be best having some conditional statements in there.

It's best to have (in the "select actions to run")
IF this occurs
THEN do this
ELSE to this.

Such as,
IF hallway motion is active
THEN turn on light.
ELSE turn off light.

I'd suggest having a very close read of the first post in this thread. Read it many times, and get your head around it. Also, look at other peoples rules in Rule 4 (not Rule machine 3).

Here is one of my rules that I've put together yesterday.

Thank you so much for this reply Mike! Yeah this was my first attempt at lighting in RM. I was hoping that the simplified lighting apps would handle this simple automation, but something is not working properly when I use the Motion Lighting app. So I decided to take the plunge and try out RM.
What you have pasted here looks much similar to something I would have seen in webCore (familiar territory for me so that's good). I'll have a look over that other article and see what I can make of it.

Well I had a read over the RM 4 stuff and I am still having the same issue. Below is my new super simplified rule. I also attached an outlet and plugged in a floor fan and ran that device alongside the bulbs using this rule to make sure the rule was functioning the way I expected. Outlet worked just fine.

Lights turn one exactly one time after making the new rule, and turn off when motion ends. Next time motion is triggered, nothing (but the log shows them powered on). When motion ends, the bulbs all flicker on for a split second, then power themselves off. Beginning to think the bulbs are not 100% compatible (but I can still control them perfectly manually). They are Sylvania Lightify LED (Zigbee). My whole mesh network is Zigbee.