Troubleshoot timer

I have a Lutron switch for my bathroom fan and it is set up through RM to turn off after being on for 15 minutes. But it seems like it might last the 15 minutes 2 or 3 times out of 10. Mostly it will turn on then turn off after anywhere from 2 minutes to maybe 8 or 9 minutes. But the first one lasts about 15 minutes. Then if it gets turned on right after, then its shorter. Any help on where to troubleshoot this. I've looked in the log and don't see any problems or errors.

Post a screenshot of your rule. That will really help the most.

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I have one other timer item, and that is my switch for my garage door opener. When I open it (turn on switch) per Alexa or app, it turns the switch off after 3 seconds. That works most of the time. On occasion, that won't turn off even after a few hours. The RM is set up pretty much exactly the same way.

Any chance it's been turned on and off and back on in that 15 min window? Try adding a Cancel Delayed Actions as the first action. Then if timer is already running from an earlier cycle it will cancel that delay and start a new 15 min one.

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That's the fix! (Be sure to mark the delay itself as "cancelable" so this action does something.) That is, assuming our guess about the underlying problem is correct.

As an alternative method of accomplishing the same goal, lately I've been preferring "Wait" over "Delay" whenever possible because waits, unlike delays, are automatically cancelled when a rule re-triggers. So something like this is potentially a few less clicks:

Wait for event: elapsed time --> 0:15:00
Off: Bathroom Fan

Then you don't have to worry about cancellation (though technically the "off" command will still be executed even if it's already off by that point--but really the same would happen above, and this should be harmless in any case). Just something else to consider! :smiley:

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Thanks guys, I will try either or both of these. The bathroom issue i can see this, cause the fan gets turned on pretty quickly once it stops. But the garage is such a long time between each click. But, one step at a time. Thank you for the quick reply.