Trouble with Zwave

I also can say that the door lock problem started when I migrated the multisensor to HE hub.
but this might be a false cause, because I migrated about 50 devices in a week

I’m going through the same process and have experienced simular issues. In my case a brand new zwave plus s2 device was falling offline/ becoming non responsive about once a day after it got migrated to HE. Troubleshooting the issue has given me a greater appreciation for how crappy older zwave non plus devices actually are. I dont know why it wasn’t causing issues when paired to ST but after i replaced a very old non-plus device the rest of my zwave mesh has been considerably more stable.

If you have any zwave non-plus devices youre bringing over from ST you might want to consider upgrading them or kicking them back over to ST until you can.

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I don't know how to understand if a device is "non-plus" , any clues on that ?

Quickest way is to go to your ZWave Details page and look at the first cluster. ZWave Plus will have 0x5E as its first cluster.

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ok. then I have 2 of them:

  • a siren which I really use
  • sonfy zrtsi for controlling somfy shades

both of them are devices that I really need and use daily.
but they really work fine

on the other hand, I did not have such issues on ST hub.

could this really be related to having 2 zwave hubs very close to eachother ?

There are a double of different ways... you can look at the device or it’s manual for something that looks like this:

If it says plus in the logo its a plus device... no plus in the logo...

Also you can from Hubitat you can goto settings > zwave details and sort the clusters column... devices w/ 0x5E in the cluster is plus... no 0x5E it might be causing your issue.

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If this is the case then temporarily unplugging your ST hub should resolve your issues.

My understanding: The 700 series chip certification process (the C7 was the first certified 700 series hub) introduced some additional requirements and constraints that the 500 series didn't have which affects the way the mesh is built and works. ST also used extensive polling of non-plus devices to overcome status reporting latency, but also may have had a slightly stronger antenna.

What you are describing sounds like a mesh problem, and generally can be overcome by adding a few Zwave Plus repeaters to the mix.


In my case i have 2 - 3 zwave repeating devices in every room, while every setup is different, in my situation not having enough repeaters is not an issue :grin: For others, it could be.

is a cable powered multisensor also a repeater ?

Search for your device here:
If the zwave role type involves sleep, it’s most likely not a repeater.

The Aeotec MultiSensor 6's (if that's what you have) will repeat if plugged in. Unfortunately they don't seem to repeat very well. There is an update to firmware you can add which may help but in general they should be on the periphery of your network if possible. I have 3 in use right now - one in the basement, one in the garage and one outside in an enclosure for lux testing only..

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there it says:
Z-Wave Role Type: Reporting Sleeping Slave

but it is also operable with batteries. so maybe if it only sleeps when battery operated ?

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Yes that is correct. What model of Multi-sensor do you have?

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yes that's it.
is it easy to udate firmware ?

HE has a firmware updater app you can install.

but you would need to get the ms6 firmware:

edit: you can use the HE firmware updater app for these files I think..

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Also make sure your ms6's are not joined with S0 security..

it says:
Due to limitations of the former Z-Wave protocol version, this application is only compatible with Model C-7 hubs.

I have C-4 hub

You might try this community based one..

Otherwise you would need to use a secondary controller stick..

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what does this mean ?