Trouble with sunset - 70 minutes

I love hubitat. It’s fantastic, it integrates with all my current automation seamlessly. However, I have tried using the rules machine and simple automation rules to build a “turn my lights on 70 minutes before sunset” rule. I’m using all Cree zigbee bulbs and I can control them via the app or Alexa but my sunset based rules don’t work. My fixed time based rules work (off at 11:30 pm or of at 6:00am)

There are numerous threads about this. Make sure your location is correct. If it is, move your location a few feet, save. Re-save all of your rules that need sunset. Probably best to try and move your location before sunset today.


Moved and saved. I also resaved the rule for sunset just now. Looking at the scheduled jobs it appears to have a job scheduled for 7:18DST. I think it should work now.


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Your welcome. I'm glad that it looks like it's fixed.