Trouble with Scene States reporting correctly

I have a scene with 5 Lutron switches. The scene will report the state correctly under these circumstances:

  • Manually activate scene in Hubitat
  • turn each light on individually via Hubitat
  • turn each light on individually via Homekit
  • turn on a corresponding scene in Homekit
  • turn on each light individual in Lutron App

But it does not work when:

  • turn on light using a corresponding scene in Lutron App.

In the last case, it shows as "Not Set". Does anyone know why this is happening? The individual devices appear correct in the logs, in hubitat, in home kit and in the lutron app.

I'm having a similar issue with the "Scene Activator" devices in the newest update.

They don't cause the scene to appear as ON, thus causing some new predicate rules and conditional actions not to work correctly.

Interesting... today, it is not 100% working when scene is activated in Hubitat

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