Trouble with Fibaro and Aeotec Leak Sensors

I have a few different leak sensors in my house and I'm having trouble getting them to work with HE. I excluded them from SmartThings and included them in HE and the results were:

Dome Z-Wave Plus DMWS1 - working great, no issues with this one

Fibaro Flood Sensor FGFS-101 - I have two of these that were working fine in ST. After exclusion, can't get them working in HE. One of them just refused to be seen by HE even after multiple attempts to exclude and factory reset. The other one was detected fine, but doesn't report when the sensor is wet.

Also having no luck with an Aeotec Water Sensor DSB45-ZWUS that was working with SmartThings. Again, even after multiple exclude/include/reset attempts, I did get it to be detected by HE, but again, it's not reporting anything when the contacts are wet.

Any clue on how to fix these? I'm an HE newbie, just started migrating over from ST a few days ago.

Oh, and all of these were brought within 3' of the HE hub.

I can't be of too much help but:

  1. I have a Fibaro Flood Sensor FGFS-101 working on HE for many months now without a hiccup.
  2. I don't have an ST but perhaps you could try shutting down the ST when trying to pair the devices to HE.

I'm afraid I can't help. But I do have 8 of these working with HE. No issues at all. Have you tried factory resetting the DSB45 before pairing it to HE?

Try this:

  1. Remove it by z-wave exclusion
  2. Reset the sensor by holding the z-wave button for 20-25 seconds
  3. Add it to HE

If it pairs correctly, you should see the following under Device Details on the page for the sensor:


Thanks for the tips. I ended up power-cycling the hub and waiting a few hours and then the 2nd one paired without issue and both of them sent alerts when I put them in some water, so maybe it was the hub needed a hard power cycle, or maybe I was doing so much work migrating all my myriad z-wave devices over that the mesh needed time to settle down.

The Hubitat folks suggest you only add 10 Z-Wave devices at one time. Then let it do its mesh thing for a day or so. Perhaps this is what you ran into.

FYI the hub NEVER needs a hard reboot you can and will corrupt it's database. Always shut it down correctly and then down power it.

I followed your instructions to exclude and reset the sensor. HE added it quickly, but still as a Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor.

Device Details shows this:

  • deviceType: 2
  • inClusters: 0x30,0x80,0x84,0x71,0x70,0x85,0x86,0x72
  • deviceId: 45
  • MSR: 0086-0002-002D
  • manufacturer: 134

Exactly the same as yours.

Did you switch yours to use the Generic Z-Wave Water Sensor?

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I must indeed have done that.

I have been using the "Fibaro Flood Sensor" driver built into Hubitat and have had excellent results.

FYI - they appear to be working fine now. Thanks!

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