Trouble setting up a dashboard

C7 Firmware
helping a friend set up Hubitat ( remotely - sharing screens)
For some reason when he sends the Dashboard IP address to his mobile phone ( i Phone) it won't open when he on not on hs home network...but will when on the network.
He sent it to me as well..wont open
I set up my dashboards a couple of years ago and simply sent myself the IP address and book marked it on my iPhone.
Is there a new setting in the C7s or the newer firmware that is restricting the dashboard to be opened when he is NOT on his home network?

or is this an Internet port forwarding issue in his house?


It's because he's sending his internal network address from outside the network. Use the phone app to access the dashboard from the outside world. Now if you're trying to use the admin pages from outside the local network, you will either need to setup a secure vpn or use the Hubitat remote admin subscription service.

Odd...i don't use the app for accessing dashboards outside the network. the IP address works. I know that might be a solution but would like to understand whats up...differently than my setup .
thanks though


So You want to use the app (iPhone or android) when not on the local network so that it uses the cloud servers to connect to the dashboards. When on the local network you can continue to use the app ( it will detect and switch to local) or use the ip in a browser. Again though, if you want to admin you either need a vpn or the cloud admin service

Appreciate the info. Thanks.