Trouble Pairing Smarthings Motion Sensor

Newbie here. Had no trouble pairing one a few days ago. The second one keeps pairing as a Smarthings Leak Sensor. When I change the driver to the same as the first one, Generic Zigbee Motion, it will not work or respond. Have deleted, reset , tried several times. Model is STS-IRM-250, didn't check the first one but they all look the same and were purchased at same time. Also, it had been working flawlessly for couple years on ST until I removed it from ST yesterday and tried to install with HE

After you selected the new driver, and clicked SAVE... did you also press CONFIGURE? In Hubitat, if you manually change a device driver, you must manually click CONFIGURE (after saving the device driver change first.) Clicking CONFIGURE sends data to the device to tell it how to properly report status updates back to Hubitat. It's worth a try! :wink:

Thanks, I'll give that a try tonight

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Also, if you provide the fingerprint information from the "More..." section during pairing (or just the entire section if you're not sure), staff can probably modify the generic driver(s) to that the correct one is selected during pairing. Sometimes there are different firmware versions with slight differences that cause some problems in this regard. Never heard about it with the 2016 ST motion sensor (the model you have), but I'm not sure how many people have used them on HE (or ST--I avoided them at the time due to mixed reviews).

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